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          As the Sun is the source of energy, Suntarsamaj Website is a source of Inspiration to the Youth of Suntarsamaj and our new generation. This is not just a website but it's a connection between all the Suntarites. Our main aim was to build a one stop destination for the Samaj people for viewing, online memories of various Suntar Samaj Activities, Suntar Samachar, scorecards of Suntar Friendship Cup (SFC) and in searching for various blood groups & Suntarites contact details.

Also with the increasing use of smart phones Utkarsh Yuva Mandal has now made a completely improvised & user friendly website which will be visible in all smart phones and you will be able to access and enjoy all its features on your fingertips.......     read more

Pillars of suntar samaj

Shri Suntar Jain Sangh Mahila Vibhag

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Shri Suntar Jain Sangh

Utkarsh Yuva Mandal

Utkarsh yuva mandal was established in the year 2001 on 17.10.2001 by the some handful youths of Suntar Samaj staying at town (south Mumbai) with an aim of further uniting the Suntar Samaj in a common bond of love and sharing. As on 2013 Utkarsh Yuva Mandal consists of many active members who are unselfishly helping and supporting Utkarsh Yuva Mandal.......

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Arpan Sanskruti Kendra

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